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A Good Diagnosis for Afghanistan: Strengthening the Health Sector

Afghanistan recently completed its first-ever Demographic and Health Survey (DHS), the international “gold standard” assessment tool used by over 90 countries to evaluate a population’s health and disseminate nationally representative data on fertility, family planning, maternal and child health, gender, HIV/AIDs, and nutrition. This event will discuss key findings from the USAID-funded survey, review the current state of health in Afghanistan, and introduce the Ministry of Public Health’s vision for the future as described in the draft National Health Strategy 2016-2020. The event will include a discussion on the current state of child and maternal health, the Ministry of Public Health’s efforts to combat corruption in the health sector, and the progress Afghanistan has made compared to its regional neighbors. – See more at: https://www.wilsoncenter.org/event/good-diagnosis-for-afghanistan-strengthening-the-health-sector#sthash.i8Sg98TV.dpuf