Author: arzowardak

Afghan Woman Breaks New Ground in South Asian Games

By Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, Feb 19, 2016
“Sumaya Ghulami was one of Afghanistan’s heroes of the recent South Asian Games. She’s the first Afghan woman to win a gold medal in Taekwondo at the competition. She says she is competing for her country, her family and for Afghan women.” 

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Afghanistan is on the Brink

“Afghanistan must restore its tradition of pluralism. It is a culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse nation with a long history of tolerance. Afghanistan’s strong Sufi tradition emphasizes acceptance of other Islamic sects and religions. In fact, Afghanistan was home to a substantial Jewish population as well as Hindus and Sikhs for years before the civil war. Because of constant international intervention, Afghans have been coopted and mobilized to defend a political Islam that leaves little room for interpretation. But that is not who we are.” 

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